BCIC Yappes Award

Bolstered by government support in Karnataka, the startup ecosystem in the state is thriving and scaling new heights. Not just limited to Bangalore any longer, the Karnataka government’s “Beyond Bangalore” policy has prompted other towns in the state to forge ahead with notable startups garnering much deserved recognition.

The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) is the Apex Chamber of Commerce representing large and medium industries; 95% of the capital investment and 90% of all labor employed in the State of Karnataka. BCIC, as a facilitator and in partnership with the Government and other sponsors, recently conducted a rigorous and independent selection process to identify startups for it’s Emerging Stars Awards 2023.

Yappes was one of the noteworthy selections – a product conceived and developed in Mysore, for the world! The Yappes technology platform is a key infrastructure software component for digital enterprises or e-governance services, where APIs are the building blocks.

Yappes is a technology platform for APIs that enables a controlled and seamless distribution of APIs and management of the entire API lifecycle in the API ecosystem of enterprises and Governments alike. It is one of very few enterprise product companies from India, and the only one that provides this product.

Yappes was presented the BCIC Emerging Stars runner up award in the Beyond Bangalore category, a testament to its innovative product, and potential to become a major player in the world of API management.

It is such recognition that paves the way for the startup community in the rest of Karnataka to flourish, particularly in Mysore. With its rich cultural heritage, Mysore has historically been a center for education, learning and innovation. It has several engineering and management colleges, is clean, free of air and noise pollution, affordable, and a perfect foil to the big city of Bangalore, making it an attractive option for promising talent to flock to when compared to other towns and cities Beyond Bangalore. Yappsters are a young team from Karnataka and all over India.

Being conceived and built in Mysore is a matter of great pride for the company and for the city, as it demonstrates that technological innovation is thriving far beyond Bangalore. Yappes success also serves as inspiration and highlights the potential of smaller cities and towns to foster their own startup ecosystems and contribute to India’s overall growth and development.

With its modern technology platform, Yappes is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of digital enterprises and e-governance services in India and around the world. It is a rising star in Mysore’s startup ecosystem, and a shining example of India’s potential and what it can offer to the world.


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